pressure kit for CJC Oil Filters


Performance improvement for CJC® Oil Filters

Lower your ISO codes and extend the lifetime of your gearbox by upgrading your already installed CJC® Offline Filter with a CJC® Pressure Kit.

Wind turbines work in harsh environments. When high-viscosity oil is introduced into the gearbox, air will inevitably be introduced into the oil by the spray nozzles and the gears themselves.

Air-contaminated oil is a challenge in relation to filtration, since the air entrained in the oil will expand when passing from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of the oil filter. The air bubbles increase in size at lower pressures and results in poor filtration and release of already captured contaminants, thus compromising oil filter efficiency.

With a CJC® Pressure Kit you will improve the filtration efficiency of your installed CJC® Oil Filter, with the following benefit:

  • Removal of entrained air
  • Lower the ISO code
  • Improved WTG performance
  • Reduced oil change interval
  • Even cleaner gear oil
  • Extended life of your gearbox

CJC® Pressure Kit is designed for installation on the following CJC® Fine Filter types:

The main parts in the CJC® Filter Pressure Kit are:

  • Air bleed
  • Back pressure valve
  • CJC® PV Pump
    (or new spring for bypass valve)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure switch

Installation time: 1 hour.

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