marine diesel purifier

for dry and clean diesel fuel & gas oil on small & medium consumption engines

Overview of the CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier

The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for cleaning diesel fuel and gas oil in small and medium marine engines. By installing the CJC® Diesel Purifier between the bunker tank and the day tank, you ensure a consistent supply of clean diesel fuel, enhancing engine efficiency.


The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier is a renowned solution for avoiding contamination and obtaining high-quality diesel and gas oil on small and medium engines. Our advanced CJC® Separator Element PTU3 increases flow rates while maintaining exceptional efficiency in water and particle removal. Meeting the stringent cleanliness requirements of injection equipment manufacturers and HP injection systems, the CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier reduces operational and maintenance costs compared to other purification methods. It eliminates sludge and related expenses, contributing to a cleaner, more efficient operation.

Why choose The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier


  • Ensures clean and dry high-quality diesel fuel
  • Reduces wear on injection equipment and feed pumps
  • Eliminates organic matter, sludge, and impurities from diesel
  • Lowers emissions for a greener operation
  • User-friendly operation and simple maintenance
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Easy installation with a small footprint

ROI within the first year

Whether for retrofit or newbuilding, the CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier will pay for itself within the first year of operation, compared to other methods of diesel cleaning.

For newbuilds, the substantial savings in installation costs compared to other means make it an excellent choice.

Easy maintenance.

the CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier s designed for hassle-free maintenance, benefiting both vessel crew and owners. It ensures consistent fuel quality, enhanced engine performance, and a long service life.

How it works

The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier can deliver 1,700-5,100 l/h of clean, dry diesel fuel, which enables the operation of up to 22,500 kW engines. Essentially an off-line solution, our purifier guarantees unmatched diesel quality delivered to the daytank.

  • Filtration rating of 3/0.8 micron
  • 90% or higher water reduction in a single pass
  • CJC® Filter Inserts and the new CJC® Separator Element PTU3 extend the life of pumps and nozzles.

Enhance your vessel's performance with the CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier. Achieve cleaner fuel, lower maintenance costs, and optimized engine operation. Contact us today for an efficient, cost-effective solution that makes a difference.



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