marine diesel purifier

for dry and clean diesel fuel & gas oil on small & medium consumption engines


The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier is a cost effective and efficient alternative for diesel fuel cleaning. Installed between the bunker tank and the day tank the CJC® Diesel Purifier ensures the day tank is always full of dry and clean diesel fuel.


The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier is a reputed solution for obtaining high quality diesel and gas oil on small and medium consumption engines, avoiding dirty fuel. With the introduction of the new CJC® Separator Element PTU3, we can deliver even higher flow rates with the same high efficiency for both water and particle removal. The requirements for cleanliness as required by injection equipment manufacturers are tightened with the instructions of the HP injection systems. With the CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier installed, these requirements are met with lower operational costs and reduced maintenance cost compared to other oil purifications and purifying equipment. Furthermore, sludge production and related costs will be eliminated with oil purification.



  • High quality diesel fuel, clean and dry
  • Reduced wear on injection equipment and feed pumps
  • Removes organic matters, sludge and bugs from diesel
  • Lower emissions
  • Simple operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Small footprint


Whether for retrofit or newbuilding, the CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier will have earned itself within the first year of operation, compared to other means of cleaning the diesel.

If installed on newbuildings, the savings on related installation costs compared to other means of cleaning the diesel is substantial.

The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier is uncomplicated to maintain, so vessel crew will not only benefit from operating the unit without much maintenance, also the vessel owner will experience reduced operational costs for maintaining diesel clean and dry.


The CJC® Marine Diesel Purifier can deliver 1,700-5,100 l/h of dry, clean diesel fuel, enabling operation of up to 22,500 kW engines. With a filtration rating of 3/0,8 micron and a single pass water reduction of 90% or higher, the CJC® Filter Inserts and the new CJC® Separator Element PTU3 reduce the wear on the pumps and nozzles. The simple design means easy maintenance and uncomplicated operation without sludge production. Being, in principle, an off-line solution, the quality of diesel delivered to the daytank is unmatched with this oil purification.



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