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By entering into a service contract with C.C.JENSEN, you have the opportunity to convert an investment into a monthly operational cost with good profit. Because every system and every installation is different, we offer service contracts specifically adapted to your application or requirements. This ensure clean and dry oil in your plant, lower oil consumption and increased equipment lifetime.

When you enter a service contract with C.C.JENSEN, you are guaranteed the best possible operation of your CJC® Oil Filters. Clean and dry oil is documented either by oil samples or continuous monitoring of the oil using our Oil Contamination Monitor, OCM 15 and our CJC® T2render solution.


We offer service contracts as follows:

  • Rental Terms & Conditions
    A concept of service offering service, commissioning, condition monitoring etc of your CJC® Oil Filter solutions.
    Link to our Trade Conditions.
  • Clean Oil Contract
    A complete service contract based on leasing, covering CJC® Oil Filters, CJC® Filter Inserts, spares, sensor calibration and manpower. It’s the no-hassle solution for the professional plant used to outsourcing service to external partners.
  • Keep it Running Contract
    A service contract covering CJC® Filter Inserts, spares, sensor calibration and manpower for the continuous operation of the CJC® Oil Filters.
  • Filter Insert Change Contract
    After buying the CJC® Oil Filters, we will make sure your CJC® Filter Inserts are changed at the intervals necessary to keep the oil clean and dry. The contract covers CJC® Filter Inserts and manpower.

Service contracts are offered from 24 months upwards, and they include checking of function and replacement of CJC® Filter Inserts, ensuring constant clean and dry oil. Depending on your plants location, the on-site work is done either by our in-house service engineers or trained service partners near you. 

Contact your local CJC® Supplier, to get an offer for a service contract. 

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