lube oil purifier 427
for 2- & 4-stroke diesel engines


CJC® Lube Oil Purifier 427 series is tailored for lube oil offline cleaning on large and medium speed 4-stroke and on low speed 2-stroke diesel engines.

The CJC® Lube Oil Purifier is a compact unit prepared for easy installation on new-buildings and retrofitting in existing installations as well. As standard, the unit is supplied with a separate pump module controlled by the CJC® Flow Drive control system.

The oil filter system is installed offline, similar to, for example, a centrifuge, except all aspects of installing, operating and maintaining are much more simple. The pump module features  installation of the filter unit in the purifier room while the pump module can easily be remotely located close to the lube oil tank.

The CJC® Flow Drive *) features automatic adjustment of the cleaning capacity to ensure efficient and economic cleaning and maintenance of the main lubricating oil system.  

Along with the genuine CJC® Filter Inserts LOX, LO4D or LO4R, the CJC® Flow Drive facilitates continuous and uncomplicated operation both when engine is running and when engine is stopped or in standby condition.

Extensive field trials have proved >98% availability of the filter system and fulfilment of OEM and owners lube oil condition requirements


  • Reduced engine SLOC [g/kWh] 
  • Energy savings in the range of 95% - 98% hold against traditional offline lube oil cleaning equipment
  • 99% lube oil sludge reduction


  • Continuous cleaning 24/7/365 
  • Availability >98% 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Uncomplicated maintenance 
  • No uncontrolled lube oil waste to sludge 


  • Mounted on drip pan with all controls 
  • Separate pump module
  • No need for sludge system
  • No need for pre-heater and pre-heater control equipment 
  • No need for treated water or pressurized service air 


  • Fulfills relevant statutory rules along with class society regulations 
  • Verified and design approved by major class societies 
  • Validated by major engine makers

*) Patent pending


For this specific CJC® Oil Filter ONLY
below CJC® Filter Inserts are applicable:

Product Sheets

Lube Oil Purifier 427_for 2- & 4-stroke diesel engines_PSST1116-UK
LO4D for lube oil filtration on 4-stroke diesel engine - DISTILLATE fuels_PSFI3037-UK
LO4R for lube oil filtration on 4-stroke diesel engines - RESIDUAL fuels_PSFI3038-UK
LOX for lube oil filtration on 2-stroke diesel engines_PSFI3036-UK