filter insert extractor


The CJC® Filter Insert Extractor makes it easy to replace our filter inserts.

CJC® Filter Inserts, with their high dirt-holding capacity, remove particles, oxidation by-products and other sources of contamination from oil. The contaminants will collate on the filter insert until it contains the maximum amount and needs to be changed.

The CJC® Filter Insert Extractor is a practical tool for changing filter inserts easily -and staying clean while doing so. They are a perfect addition to any CJC® Offline Oil Filtration Systems. 
Applicable with the following CJC Products:
HDU Fine Filters
Offline Oil Filtration Systems

PTU Filter Separators
Offline Oil Filtration and Water Separation Systems

Cleaning Tables
Cleaning of machine parts

Filter Inserts
for CJC® Offline Oil Filtration Systems

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