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80% of all oil related failures and breakdowns are caused by contaminated oil
The cleanliness level achieved by CJC® Oil Filters means that the predicted lifetime of machine components and oil is expected to be extended by a factor of 2-10. The benefits are less maintenance, increased productivity and lower energy consumption. 

To achieve these benefits, the CJC Filter Inserts need to be changed at least once a year, because of accumulated oil degradation products (oxidation, etc.) - no matter what the pressure gauge indicates. Otherwise, the oil filter efficiency will decrease and the risk of breakdowns or malfunctions of components in the oil system will rise considerably.   

How to
If you plan to change filter inserts yourself, please follow the instructions in our movies (see column to the right) or download one of the PDF instructions. They provide step-by-step guidance to filter insert replacemet.

If you need assistance on how to replace CJC® Filter Inserts in your CJC® Oil Filters, please fill in the Get in Touch form (see orange box the right) or contact one of our worldwide Subsidiaries or Distributors.

Our On-site Service offers a Filter Insert Change contract, ensuring proper and timely change of CJC® Filter Insert, which guarantees you a perfect operation of your oil system.

Technical parameters of original CJC® Filter Inserts
Original CJC® Filter Inserts have outstanding oil filtration capability with dirt and water holding capacities of up to 4 litres of dirt per insert. All CJC® Filter Inserts have an oil filtration degree of 3 µm (micron) absolute. This means that 98.7% of all solid particles larger than 3 µm and approximately 50% of all particles larger than 0.8 µm are retained in one pass.  

CJC® Filter Inserts are produced from 100% natural cellulose fibres from sustainable resources, no metal, no plastic, no chemicals.

Please see our complete range of CJC® Filter Inserts.

Quick & easy replacement of CJC® Filter Inserts
C.C.JENSEN offer special tools to make replacement of CJC® Filter Inserts easier and quicker:

Contact your local CJC® Supplier to hear more about the possibilities.

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