LOX filter insert

Specially designed for lube oil on 2-stroke low speed crosshead engines

The CJC® LOX Filter Insert is specially designed for cleaning conventional lubricants on 2-stroke low speed crosshead diesel engine systems. Our focus is on fine filtration and the removal of oxidation products for long LO life as well as ensuring reliable operation of hydraulic multiway valves (FIVA, ELFI and ELVA type valves)

Compatible with engines operating on:

  • Distillate and blended fuel grades
  • Residual fuel grades
  • Dual fuel 
  • LNG
  • BioFuel
  • Hydrogen
  • E-fuels

Contamination Capacities
The CJC® LOX Filter Insert has a well balanced dirt holding capacity and high filtration efficiency for optimum control of the contamination level, removing:

  • Wear particles
  • Oil degradation products
  • Asphaltenes
  • Varnish
  • Water

The CJC® LOX is designed especially for engine lube oil and gives superior results: very fine filtration, increased oil life and long filter insert life with better filtration than a centrifugal separator, and much lower oil and operation cost. Comprehensive field experience has proven a very long filter insert service life, keeping the level of insolubles below engine maker recommendations. Engines using LO as a hydraulic control oil for FIVA, ELFI and ELVA valves will experience more reliable operation and less wear on valves and pumps.

This specific CJC® LOX Filter Insert is applicable ONLY with below CJC® Oil Filters:

Your benefits with CJC®
CJC® Filter Inserts have the highest dirt holding capacity on the market due to special cellulose-based material. Furthermore, the unique construction of the bonded discs, creates a large filtration area resulting in reduced costs of ownership. The CJC® Filter Inserts are a modular design, which allows them to fit any applications and requirements.

  • The CJC® Filter Insert features:
    • Depth media of moulded cellulose
    • Highest Contamination Capacities (DHC)
    • 100% natural cellulose fibres from sustainable resources;
      no plastic, no metal, no chemical

  • Removal of contaminants, 4-in-1:
    • Particles:
      Lifetime of both oil and component are increased considerably.
    • Oil degradation products:
      Avoid sticking valves, lacquering, and varnish on metal surfaces.
    • Water:
      Reduce the risk of micro-pitting, bacterial growth, sludge etc.
    • Acidity/TAN:
      Reduce oil ageing and wear on equipment.
  • OEM requirements
    Experience and application knowledge of C.C.JENSEN ensure that CJC® solutions can meet specifications from OEMs on oil cleanliness.

How to ensure Clean & Dry oil
Remember to change CJC® Filter Inserts according to pressure gauge or at least once a year in order to ensure clean & dry oil! - Click here to learn how to replace a CJC® Filter Insert.

Product Sheets

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