how to install CJC® Oil Filters


Offline installation provides a number of advantages to oil systems in industrial, marine and energy applications.

In a typical system, in-line filters protect system components, for example expensive valves. But in-line filters do not provide the advantages of offline depth filtration in relation to oil maintenance.

The installation of a CJC® Oil Maintenance System increases system reliability and optimises equipment and component lifetime. At the same time, off-line filtration reduces total operational costs of all filter systems by dramatically reducing the number of changes of in-line filter inserts.

Offline filtration continuously maintains oil to provide one solution to three problems:

Only offline installation achieves the continuous-flow depth filtration that optimizes oil maintenance. Follow the guides on the right to learn how to install oil filters.

Installation Guide

Fine Filter HDU 15/25
Fine Filter HDU 27/-
Filter Separator PTU 15/25
Filter Separator PTU 1 & 3
Filter Separator PTU2