key filter - for wind turbine applications


The CJC® Key Filter is an offline oil filtration solution, used for maintenance of oils for hydraulics and lubrication in wind applications, with improved performance even in highly aerated oils. The CJC® Key Filter is ideal for installation on gearboxes, hydraulic pitch systems and main bearings. CJC® Key Filter is a depth filter and is vital for removal of particles, varnish and moisture. 


  • Fast and safe filter insert change - 5 minutes
  • Improved capacity - up to 40%
  • Prepared for sensor technology
  • Reduced O&M costs
  • Ideal for highly aerated oil
  • Increased equipment reliability & uptime
  • Increased component and oil lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced breakdowns
  • Less waste oil - reduced carbon footprint

The offline filter pump draws oil from the lowest point on the gearbox or system reservoir and returns the clean & dry oil to the reservoir after being cleaned in the depth filter media of the CJC® Key Filter insert, KFi. The CJC® Key Filter offers fast draining, easy opening and a simple design philosophy and there are no loose parts to be lost. The material requires no surface treatment, and has a very high corrosion resistance. The filter also has an integrated backpressure and in combination with the internal continuous air bleed, no venting is required after start-up. The filter has a superior dirt capacity and improved efficiency. All functions have a positive effect on the equipment lifetime and on O&M costs.

The CJC® Key Filter insert (KFi) consist of several discs bonded together, based on a new special design with a unique pattern. 
The material is made of 100% natural cellulose fibers from sustainable resources.

Only one oil filter is as natural as the energy you produce
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Key Filter CJC, Offline Oil Filtration for Wind Applications
Key Filter insert, KFI, CJC_PSFI3034-UK

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