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Rotary blast hole, surface DTH, top hammer, dimensional stone, and exploration drill rigs are all key equipment in mines and quarries, and they must work to keep the exploration flowing. The engine lube and hydraulic oils  are subject to extreme levels of very fine particles and oil oxidation, which harm the equipment. Many operators believe the remedy is  changing the oil often. But if you keep the oil clean and dry using CJC® Offline Oil Filters you can extend the oil life vastly. 

The exposure to extreme weather, dusty environment and high vibration can severely stress the sensitive system components on drill rigs and drilling equipment. The particle contamination in the oil is often very high. Problems with water in oil occur due to condensation, and these contaminants speed up  oil degradation, leading to reliability issues and lost production. Premature oil changes, wear and component breakdown makes it necessary to take machinery out of production. This either delays exploration or makes it necessary to have too much capital tied up in unproductive machinery.

Benefits, installing CJC® Oil Filters

  • Increase productivity 
  • Avoid taking machinery out of exploration cycles to change oil 
  • Extend lube and hydraulic oil lifetime with a factor 4-5
  • Reduce spare parts consumption by up to 60%
  • Protect your investment
  • Reduce risk of unplanned breakdowns, repairs and maintenance 

Lifetime of the lubrication and hydraulic oil can be extended by a factor 4-5, without endangering the exploration. When you install a CJC® Offline Oil Filter on your drill rigs, you get a much cleaner oil, which means less component wear plus more reliable and efficient equipment. The CJC® Oil Filters have the highest dirt holding capacity suitable for long service intervals. CJC® Oil Filters are known for keeping oil clean, dry and without oxidation residues in harsh mining environments. When you choose CJC® Oil Filters, you ensure a long machine and oil life.

Your solutions
For drill equipment the following CJC® System Solutions apply:

The CJC® System Solutions fit all drilling equipment systems regardless of oil volume, and we can deliver globally where required. In close co-operation with technical organizations, we help select the most fitting solution depending on system type and conditions in the environment. 

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