PTU3 multistay


The PTU3 Multistay series includes offline oil filtration systems with 2, 3 or more PTU3 27/- Filter Separators mounted on a common drain tank base.

They are used for large-volume fluid systems where water ingress is a recurrent problem, e.g., turbine lubrication systems in power generation plants, on paper machine lubrication systems, in steel mills and in mining systems.

The Filter Separators removes water, particles, and oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish).

Available with automatic water discharge and a control box. Pressure drops can be monitored on a pressure gauge on top of the filter. They are also equipped with electric flow switch.

PTU3 Multistays are available in sizes PTU3 2 x 27/-, PTU3 3 x 27/- and more stays depending on the required oil capacity. Available in a range of design configurations including preheaters, drip pans, tanks, and control boxes.

The PTU3 Multistay series is ideal for:

  • Hydraulic oils 
  • Steam turbine lubrication oils 
  • Gear and lube oils in paper and steel mills 
  • Diesel oils
  • Marine Gas oils (MGO)
  • Gas oils

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