filter insert change kit


The CJC® Filter Insert Change Kit - a pumping unit - used for quick replacement of Filter Inserts in CJC® Fine Filters and Filter Separators.

CJC® Filter Insert Change Kit is suitable for all industrial and marine applications.

The compact and solid design allows it to fit into standard wind hoisting service bags.

  • Huge reduction of service time when replacing Filter Inserts
  • Limited oil waste
  • No oil spillage while draining or filling
  • Compact and easy to handle

The CJC® Filter Insert Change Kit transfers lubricants or fuel from the CJC® Oil Filter drain port and returns it at the same location (contaminated side) after CJC® Filter Insert replacement. The CJC® Filter Insert Change Kit handles lubricants up to 2000 Cst with flow rates of up to 7.5 L/min.

Special tools for the service task are included within the CJC® Filter Insert Change Kit. Operating distance is 5 meters from the oil filter via a wired remote unit.

Oil types must be marked using the indication rings.


Capacity:                          20 L
Oil temp. range:           15 – 65 ºC
Oil viscosity max.:         2000 Cst
Weight, net:                  15.0 kg
Weight, gross:               20.0 kg (incl. tools, hoses etc.)
Dimensions (lxhxd):   493 x 465 x 350 mm

Product Sheets

Filter Insert Change Kit_FICK_PSAC5010