T2render for VRU

Online service for monitoring oil and equipment conditions for CJC® Varnish Removal Unit, VRU

The CJC® T²render for VRU Solution is a monitoring solution, which provides surveillance of the oil system in connection to an installed standard CJC® VRU offline filter unit including access to data stored on a CJC® Cloud Solution.

The CJC® T²render for VRU Solution consists of a CJC® Cloud Solution to treat and share data from the Filter Unit control and the configured sensors mounted on the standard CJC® VRU Offline Filter Unit. The monitoring consists of logging of:

  • Warning status & messages based on individual sensor limits
  • Filter inlet pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Cooling liquid temperature
  • Filter Unit operation status (on/off)
  • Filter Unit control events

Additionally, it can be configured to generate warning messages to the equipment owner when the individual sensor values exceed user defined limits.

The CJC® T²render for VRU Solution offers:

  • Web Portal with overview dashboard, monitoring of validated sensor data & logbook of historical & current events
  • Monitoring of filter system events
  • Sharing raw & treated sensor data via API
  • Offline filtration performance analysis 
  • Tailored T²render data cloud setup and start up support
  • Warning status & messages based on individual sensor limits

The CJC® T²render for VRU Solution will provide the user a deeper insight of the operation of their machinery.

  • The CJC® VRU Offline Filter maintains the oil clean thus reducing the number of unforeseen breakdowns and thereby extends the lifetime of oil and machinery
  • The VRU on T²render Solution will assist on monitoring filtration performance to secure continuous optimal value of the installed Offline Filter Unit.
  • It will provide sensor data monitoring and alert messages when user defined thresholds are exceeded.


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