trender tool for VRU


Online Service for Monitoring Equipment Conditions for CJC® Varnish Removal Unit, VRU 

Online tool that provides instant documentation of the working conditions of your Varnish Removal Unit (VRU).
Continuously displays and analyses parameters defined in the installed sensor package:

  • Filter inlet pressure
  • Oil temperature
  • Cooling liquid temperature
  • Filter unit run conditions: on/off

The CJC® Trender Tool for CJC® VRU offers you access to logged online data as well as historical data showing trends - all readily available on the CJC® VRU. It also monitors the status of the CJC® Filter Insert and provides a warning when a replacement of insert is recommended. The CJC® Trender Tool can also provide you warning levels for the sensor values. Data can be exported to CSV-files for further analysis and reports can be generated for documentation of important events.

Please see CJC® Trender Tool user manual for more detailed description of the functions.

Peace of Mind:

  • Early warning, if trend rises
  • Warning when attention is needed and assistance to fault finding - reduce risk of unplanned shut downs of your equipment

Longer Lifetime of Machinery and Oil:

  • Support to more precise decision making in cases of overhauls, refurbishments and repair intervals

Cost Savings:

  • Potentially reduce risk of un-planned shut downs of your equipment - reduced downtime


    • Remote monitoring of sensor data
    • Report generation
    • Warnings & notifications
    • Data export
    • Equipment log book

Example of screen dump view for a Power applications.

CJC® Trender Tool for VRU is applicable with all applications, also Wind, Marine, Mining and Industry applications

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