sensor calibration

Depending on the type of CJC® Oil Filter system you have, a varying number of sensors can be found on the system. Our Condition Monitoring System can have a wide number of sensors mounted giving you the benefit of measuring oil quality continuously. 

Like any other tool, sensors need calibration every second year to give the right data, and we are OEM experts in the sensors that we use. By using C.C.JENSEN for sensor calibration, you ensure proper compliance with rules and regulations and of course internal and external quality standards.

Traceable and documented
Based on our extensive experience and global coverage, we are able to offer the best possible sensor calibration in your plant. All sensor calibration is logged in our system for verification, and we offer to register continuous calibration as part of a service contract.

We offer calibration of the following sensors on CJC® solutions:

  • Particle count sensors
  • Oxidation level sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow rate measurements
  • OCM15 calibration package

Contact your local CJC® Supplier, to get an offer for CJC® Sensor Calibration.

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