PTU 15/25 hydraulic


PTU 15/25 Hydraulic is an off-line oil filtration system combining continuous water separation and oil filtration and is used for:

  • hydraulic oils
  • lube oils
  • gear oils
  • turbine lube oils

PTU 15/25 removes water, particles and oil degradation products (oxidation, resin/sludge, varnish).

PTU 15/25 Filter Separator is equipped with manual water discharge and is available in a range of design configurations including preheaters, drip pans, and control boxes. The pressure drop can be monitored on a pressure gauge on top of the filter. 

The PTU 15/25 Hydraulic uses one CJC® Filter Insert BLA 15/25 plus a separate secondary coalescer element.

The PTU 15/25 Hydraulic is ideal for:

  • Power packs 
  • Boiler feed pumps 
  • Steam turbines
  • Gearboxes with potential water ingress (e.g., wet crushers or marine thrusters)
  • Lubrication oil for labelling machines
  • and similar industrial and marine application where water ingress is a recurrent problem


Special Feature 

Retrofit of HDU 15/25 turning it into a PTU 15/25
As the HDU 15/25 is designed as a modular system, it is possible to turn a HDU 15/25 into a PTU 15/25 by retrofitting the separate coalescer housing and changing the insert type to BLA 15/25. This process changes the water separation method from absorption to coalescing, which is suitable for larger amounts of water and resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs!     

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