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Mobile machinery such as cement pumps, cranes, contracting equipment, and farming equipment are advanced hydraulic systems operating in rough environments. Having reliable equipment is the key to maintaining high efficiency. If you want maximum efficiency and utilization of your manpower, then the mobile machinery have to start whenever needed and be free from unnecessary stops. Due to the high amount of dirt in the environment, it is critical to remove all particles, and keep the oil and fuel clean and dry.

If the hydraulic systems on mobile machineries are not running at their optimum, you risk expensive downtime and loss of efficiency on-site. Gearboxes, bearings and hydraulic motors are at risk of being contaminated with moisture and particles that can lead to unplanned breakdown and leaking gaskets, which is an environmental hazard. If the oil is not free from oxidation residues then the equipment does not run at its best, and increased wear is the result. Loosing 20 percent in machine efficiency is not uncommon, when operating dirty and wet oil systems. If diesel fuel is not kept free from particles and water, then the engine does not run at its optimum, and it will wear down. At the end of the day, if the machinery is not running and you cannot do the work you were hired for, then you risk penalties from delays. 

Benefits, installing CJC® Oil Filters

  • Keeps your mobile machinery fit for operation
  • Maintain high production without environmental hazards
  • Reduce risk of unplanned breakdowns and maintenance
  • Extend hydraulic oil lifetime with a factor 3-4

When you install CJC® Oil Filter solutions on your mobile machinery, you get a very effective oil filter with the highest dirt capacity suitable for system with high levels of particles. This way you do not need to stop machinery untimely to service the oil filter. Technically, CJC® Oil Filter is known for keeping oil clean, dry and without oxidation residues, which is documented over many years and in several mobile machinery installations. When you choose CJC® Oil Filter, you ensure a long lifetime of gearboxes, bearings and hydraulic motors, and you significantly reduce the risk of leaking gaskets. Clean diesel fuels mean you reduce maintenance costs and avoid unplanned breakdowns. Hydraulic oil lifetime can be extended with a factor 3-4

Your solutions
Many sizes of CJC® Oil Filters are used for the automotive industry:

The CJC® system solutions fit all mobile machinery, gearboxes, bearings and hydraulic motors, and we can deliver globally where required. In close co-operation with technical organizations, we help select the most fitting solution depending on system type and conditions in the environment. 

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