oil in water

Oil in water occurs typically in marine bilge systems and waste water from industrial processes. The discharge of oil in water is generally undesirable because it harms the environment, so regulations on contamination levels are increasingly strict.

In many industrial processes, detergents and high-pressure washing causes oil to mix with water. In marine bilge systems, oil is mixed with water and other materials in the bilge water tank.

Mixed oil and water separates slowly and passes right through traditional oily water separators. By adding the CJC® Blue Baleen Oil Absorb Systems, the mixed water and oil flows through the CJC® Blue Baleen Insert, where the oil is absorbed through a combination of depth-flow and cross-flow, to values as low as 5 mg/L (ppm).


For effective removal of oil in water, use CJC® Blue Baleen Oil Absorb System


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