condition monitoring unit CMU

Advanced oil sensor system


The CJC® Condition Monitoring Unit CMU is an advanced oil sensor system consisting of C.C.JENSEN validated sensors, mounted in connection to a CJC® Offline Oil Filter. The CJC® CMU is part of the CJC® Sensor Package Program also consisting of the CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor OCM15

The CJC® CMU is available as retrofit on an existing CJC® Offline Oil Filter or as an integral part of a new CJC® Offline Oil Filter.

The CJC® CMU sensor data can be extracted locally through different protocol options or send to CJC® Cloud (as part of a CJC® T²render solution) or both.

The CJC® CMU is easy to retrofit on a CJC® Offline Oil Filter and can be configured to fit individual needs for oil sensing. The sensors are thoroughly tested and validated to provide reliable oil condition data.

The CJC® CMU gives direct access to live data and can be used for:

  • Condition-based oil sampling which reduces cost for oil sampling
  • Optimized operation of the CJC® Offline Oil Filter which extends the lifetime of oil and machinery
  • Sensor data monitoring and alert messages enabling condition based equipment handling

The CJC® CMU is to be mounted at the oil system with two hoses to the inlet of the CJC® Offline Oil Filter.  

It has a separate oil circulation system driven by a dedicated pump and ensures optimised handling of any air in the system in order to avoid faulty measurements.

The CJC® CMU communication box contains power supply for all sensors, motor protection for the CJC® CMU motor, a data acquisition module to retrieve all the sensor values and an interface to access the data depending on choice of protocol.

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Product Sheets

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