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The tyre manufacturing plants are highly automated production facilities, so reliability and availability of the production equipment is key to high output. A wide range of systems are part of the tyre manufacturing process, like e.g., Banbury mixers, calendars, extruders, rollers/rotary drums, stock & bead preparation, tyre building, moulding, curing/vulcanization presses. Clean and dry oil in these systems is paramount for the production output.

If the oil in these production systems is not kept free from contaminants, like particles and water, you risk expensive downtime, loss of efficiency in the supply chain and lower quality products. 
For example, hydraulic oil in the curing/vulcanization presses (which typically works with hot water /steam and are pressurised), creates high number of particles, oil degradation and water, resulting in malfunctions, increased wear, and machine breakdowns. 
Another example is the Banbury mixer gearbox, which often struggles with ultra fine dust particles from the carbon black pigment resulting in particle counts typically as high as ISO Codes 22/21/17 with more frequent spare part changes and reduced lifetime of the gearbox as a result.

All of which means frequent oil changes, short component lifetime for gearboxes, pumps and valves, risk of system breakdown which results in high OPEX costs..

Benefits by installing CJC® Oil Filters

Avoid those challenging issues by installing CJC® Oil Filters and obtain:

  • Reduced risk of unplanned & expensive breakdown
  • Reduced oil & maintenance costs
  • Increased component lifetime (gearboxes, pumps, valves)
  • Increased production capacity
  • Complying with OEM oil cleanliness requirements 
  • Lowest cost per kilo dirt removed
  • Reduced environmental footprint 

When you install a CJC® Oil Filter solution on your application, you get a very effective oil filter with very high dirt holding capacities resulting in an oil lifetime extension with a factor of 3-4 times. You get the lowest cost per kilo dirt removed on the market.

Your solutions
Many sizes of CJC® Oil Filters are used for the tyre industry:

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