filter inserts

Increase lifetime of both oil and system components
Clean & dry oil is the key to reliable system operation, and C.C.JENSEN is the global leader in oil filtration. We use 100% natural cellulose fibers from sustainable resources: No metal, no plastics, and no chemicals.

CJC® Filter Inserts have outstanding oil-filtration capability with dirt and water-holding capacities of up to 4 litres of dirt per insert.

All CJC® Filter Inserts have an oil filtration degree of 3 µm (micron) absolute. This means that 98.7% of all solid particles larger than 3 µm and approximately 50% of all particles larger than 0.8 µm are retained in one pass.

CJC® Filter Inserts are produced from 100% natural plant and/or wood cellulose fibers. A-Filter Inserts are made from wood cellulose, and B-Filter Inserts are made from either plant cellulose or a mix of plant and wood cellulose.

How do you ensure clean & dry oil

Remember to change CJC® Filter Inserts according to pressure gauge or at least once a year in order to ensure clean & dry oil! 
Click here to learn how to replace a filter insert.

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