biogas filters


Give Your Biogas a Detox!

The range of CJC® Biogas Filters offers a cost-effective solution for the protection of internal combustion engines and turbines, fueled by landfill gas, digester gas or sewage gas, against the damaging effects of contaminants such as siloxanes, mercaptans, halogenated and other volatile organic compounds.  

Unlike natural gas, biogas contains varying quantities of siloxanes, sulphur and chlorine compounds. During combustion, siloxanes are converted to silicates, which build up as an off-white ash in combustion and exhaust areas, and, where moisture is present, H2S and other organic compounds, in particular, chlorines and fluorines, combine to form strong acids.

The inevitable consequences include irreversible damage to valves, pistons, cylinder liners, bearings, turbochargers, catalytic converters and premature destruction of engine oil, highlighted by poor TBN/TAN values and high Oxidation, Si and Cl levels in oil analyses. 

A CJC® Biogas Filter, employing tried and tested filter medium technology, will successfully capture and retain over 90% of contaminants from the biogas supply, thereby, increasing productivity and profitability by lowering operational running costs i.e. longer service/overhaul intervals and longer oil life.

C.C. JENSEN CJC® Biogas Filters are available for outright purchase , short /long term hire or rental and short/long term contract leasing with full service package.