C.C.JENSEN Ltd. is a subsidiary of C.C.JENSEN A/S, Denmark located in Spennymoor, Co Durham. We are a sales and distribution facility for all CJC Oil Maintenance Equipment throughout the United Kingdom and Isles.

In addition to the office staff in Spennymoor, we also have sales personnel located in Rugeley, North Yorkshire, Oxford and Dunfermline.  We also offer services such as maintenance and hire of our CJC filtration equipment.  Aditionally we offer a range of CJC Biogas filters to offer a cost effective solution against damage caused by contaminants in biogas. 

C.C.JENSEN Ltd was established more than 20 years ago. Since then we have gathered extensive and vital experience concerning oil maintenance and the related cost savings and additional benefits.

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C.C. Jensen Ltd are now fully registered as a supplier on the Utilities Vendor Database for Achilles

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