Boost your profitability – avoid 3 out of 4 shutdowns

  • 1,500 hours on engine lube oil
  • 10,000 hours on hydraulic oils
  • 18,000 hours on injectors
  • One oil change per year on crushers

Imagine if you could avoid 3 out of 4 shutdowns.
What impact would that have on your profitability?


Improve your mineral output and lifetime of machinery
C.C.JENSEN – a market leader in oil filtration – ensures clean oil for your mining machinery. A wide range of CJC® Oil Filter systems are now installed worldwide, with documented positive results.

Improve your up-time and extend oil lifetime
CJC® Oil Filters clean the oil, the tanks, gearboxes, diesel engines and systems while they are in operation; and keep systems clean during operation. By constantly removing particles, water and oxidation from oil, CJC® Oil Filters can reduce wear on crushers, mills, dump trucks and excavators, drilling equipment, and conveyor belts. Lifetime of oil and components can be extended by several thousand hours when you use CJC® Oil Filters. 

Reduce oil-related problems on your mining machinery
C.C.JENSEN has many years’ experience in the mining industry and is renowned worldwide as a high-quality supplier of oil filter systems for mining applications for owners looking to effectively reduce oil-related problems on machinery and extend oil lifetime.

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