varnish removal unit, VRU

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The CJC® Varnish Removal Unit, VRU has an unheard high efficiency in removing soft contaminants from oil - dissolved and suspended – even from hot operating gas and steam turbines.
Oxidation and varnish are known to cause problems in many industries, resulting in very costly production stops, turbine trips, loss in revenue etc.


No turbine trips or sticking valves due to varnish:

  • Less varnish related turbine trips
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Extends the lifetime of both oil and components
  • No need for system flushing and tank cleaning
  • Avoid temperature increase – no varnish in the cooling system

Turbine Sizes

Designed for efficient removal of soluble varnish from any size turbine:

  • Gas and steam turbines with combined or separate lube and control oil  system
  • Base or peak loaded gas or steam turbines operating at low, medium or high oil temperatures
  • Also for highly stressed and high temperature oil systems in general.


The VRU is designed to remove dissolved and suspended soft contaminants by polar attraction in the optimized cellulose based Varnish Removal inserts, VRi. It does this without any additional power, chemicals or beads which may be harmful to the oil’s additive package. 
The warm system oil is drawn from the bottom of the tank to the VRU by its own transfer pump. The oil is being treated and filtered in the VRU before sent back to the system tank as varnish free oil. 
The varnish free oil will start cleaning all system components in contact with oil, ultimately resulting in a complete varnish free system. The varnish level in the oil will typically be cut in half within a few weeks of operating the VRU. 
The VRU is prepared for online data logging via CJC® Trender Tool.




Gas & Steam Turbine GE 109FA, Lube & Hydraulic Oil, Combined Cycle Single Shaft_CCPO6050

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