T²render Solutions

Online solution for monitoring oil & equipment conditions


The CJC® T²render Solution provides surveillance of the oil system in connection with a CJC® Offline Oil Filter including access to data stored on a CJC® Cloud Solution.

C.C.JENSEN offers two levels of monitoring: 

CJC® T²render Basic & CJC® T²render Pro.

The CJC® T²render Solution in combination with offline oil filtration provide the user a deeper insight of the operation of their machinery.


  • The CJC® Offline Oil Filter maintains the oil clean thus reducing the risk of breakdowns and extends the lifetime of oil and machinery.
  • The CJC® T²render Solution enables condition-based oil sampling which reduces cost for oil sampling and enables optimized operation of the CJC® Offline Oil Filter.
  • T²render Basic provides sensor data monitoring and alert messages when user defined thresholds are exceeded.
  • Additionally, CJC® T²render Pro provides early warnings enabling preventive equipment handling and thereby reduce the cost per unforeseen breakdown.
  • Furthermore, the CJC® T²render Pro is uniquely adapted to each individual oil system and requires no manual, complex and individual sensor data interpretations as the mathematics (T2) provide the intelligence.

The CJC® T²render Solution consists of a CJC® Cloud Solution to treat and share data from the configured sensors mounted in conjunction with the CJC® Offline Oil Filter either as individual sensors or as part of the CJC® Condition Monitoring Unit CMU.

CJC® T²render Basic:
CJC® T²render Basic solution generates warning messages to the equipment owner when the individual sensor values exceed user defined limits.

CJC® T²render Pro:
CJC® T²render Pro performs statistical model based automatic analysis of many sensor signals converted into one oil condition and one equipment condition value. The models are made for each individual oil system and thereby taking care of the fact that each individual oil system makes its own unique footprint in the oil. CJC® T²render Pro generates warning messages to the equipment owner when either oil or equipment operating conditions on each individual system differ from normal.

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