CJC® Onboard Oil Filtration

Even though many businesses have extremely high operating budgets on associated maintenance costs, contaminated hydraulic oil has become an accepted part of the mining process. 

By continuously keeping your hydraulic oil at OEM-approved oil cleanliness levels, 24/7, CJC® Onboard Oil Filtration dramatically extends oil and component lifetimes, increasing your Heavy Mobile Equipment’s reliability and availability, lowering your price per ton mined, and helping you meet sustainability targets.  

Contaminated oil is a constant challenge

Clean hydraulic oil is essential to maintain the performance and efficiency of your Heavy Mobile Equipment. However, in a harsh mining environment, hydraulic oil can quickly become contaminated with abrasive particles or water, which can have a devastating effect. 

Rather than lubricating and protecting, contaminated oil can accelerate a variety of serious issues that reduce oil efficiency, shorten oil and component lifetimes, and ultimately result in system failure and downtime.

The cost of contaminated oil

Contaminated oil-related problems are very expensive to fix. This can include repair costs from component wear and clogged in-line filters, replacement costs when parts are damaged beyond repair, and all the associated time and financial expense of subsequent downtime. 

Contaminated oil can also have severe consequences from an environmental perspective, due to increased oil usage, handling, and wasted, and poor oil efficiency and increased emissions from your equipment.

Don’t Drain it - Maintain it

With CJC® Onboard Oil Filtration, your hydraulic oil is always kept within OEM-recommended oil cleanliness levels. It stays continuously free of abrasive contaminants and water, all day, every day, protecting the efficiency, performance, and lifetime of your equipment as it was originally designed to.

CJC® Onboard Oil Filtration is proven to significantly extend oil and component lifetimes. When introducing this solution to an entire fleet, the monetary savings linked to the reduction in oil consumption, waste handling, consumables (such as in-line filters), overhaul and component costs, and associated man hours, become extensive. 

The benefits of CJC® Onboard Oil Filtration are far reaching:

  • Extended component life – clean hydraulic oil minimizes wear and tear, prolonging the service life of oil by 3-5x, extending the life of components and filter inserts, and reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements.
  • Improved system reliability – a clean hydraulic system is less prone to failures and breakdowns, ensuring consistent equipment availability, reduced downtime, and lower cost per ton mined.
  • Enhanced performance– clean hydraulic oil allows for optimal power transmission, enabling HME to operate at peak performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – preventing contamination-related issues reduces the need for frequent maintenance, saving on labour hours, training, replacement parts, and other associated costs of downtime. 
  • Short payback– only considering direct oil costs, it is estimated that installing CJC® Onboard Oil Filtration will have a payback period of 1.5 years (or far shorter if you factor in equipment availability and component life extension).
  • Environmental benefits - clean hydraulic oil reduces oil consumption and oil waste and increases equipment performance, minimising the environmental impact.


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