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Article_Why biological degradation due to water in fuel must be stopped

Why biological degradation due to water in fuel must be stopped.
Biological degradation of fuel by bacteria can result into all kinds of problems.
May 2021


When your fuel colours dark, a proven solution is available.
Modern fuels requires continuous attention to prevent degradation and ineffective operation of engines. - One type of fuel contamination that causes more concerns is asphaltenes.
May 2021

MARINE_Desorber/Filter Combi Unit D5

CJC Desorber/Filter Combi Unit D5
June 2020

MARINE_Satisfied customer

Satisfied customer, Royal Greenland
Nov. 2019

MARINE_Stop running in circles

Stop running in circles
May 2019

MARINE_Why Modern Drivetrains

Why Modern Drivetrains need intelligent Oil Maintenance Solutions
May 2019


EN590 certified fuel - no guarantee
June 2018


STOP running in circles
and save money, oil and energy
September 2016

MARINE, Major deal for fuel oil filter systems_Int. Tug & OSV, July-August 2016

Major deal for fuel oil filter systems
Agreement between Damen and C.C.JENSEN
August 2016


Save your injectors
with flexible & simple diesel purification!
July 2015


"Tough boat beaten by small bug…”
Contaminated diesel fuel on tug boats
July 2014


Keep it dry
– your Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL)
July 2014


Sludge handling almost eliminated
– payback in less than a year!
April 2013


Thruster oil 
contaminated with water 

MARINE_Diesel engine lube oil filtration

Diesel engine lube oil filtration

MARINE_Cleaning fuel, do it the Danish way

Cleaning fuel, do it the Danish way

MARINE_Maintenance of oil systems

Maintenance of oil systems

MARINE_What is diesel bug?

What is diesel bug?
September 2003

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